B.Com.  (English and Kannada Medium)

     First Semester

Second Semester

1.1 AECC:  Language I-English
1.2 AECC: Language II- Kannada/Hindi/ Sanskrit/Urdu
1.3 DSC-1: Business Management 
1.4 DSC-2: Financial Accounting 
1.5 DSC-3: Management of Banking and Insurance Service 
1.6 AECC : Environmental Studies/ Constitution of India 
2.1 AECC:  Language I-English
2.2 AECC: Language II- Kannada/Hindi/ Sanskrit/Urdu
2.3 DSC-4: Cost Accounting II 
2.4 DSC-5: Financial Accounting II
2.5 DSC-6: Principals of Marketing 
2.6 AECC : Environmental Studies/ Constitution of India 
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
3.1 AECC Language English-III
3.2 AECC Language   -  Kannada/Hindi/ Sanskrit/Urdu
3.3 DSE-7: Corporate Accounting I 
3.4 DSE-8: Income Tax –I
3.5 SEC-1: Company Law and Secretarial Practice 
3.6 AECC: Disaster Management 
4.1 AECC Language English-IV
4.2 AECC Language -  Kannada/Hindi/ Sanskrit/Urdu
4.3 DSE-9: Corporate Accounting II 
4.4 DSE-10: Income Tax –II
4.5 DSE-11: Quantitative Techniques 
4.6 SEC-2: Principles and Practice of General Insurance 
Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
5.1 DSC-12: Entrepreneurship Development
5.2 DSC-13: IFRS (IND-AS)
5.3 SEC-3 E-filing
5.4 DSE-1: Financial Management-I
5.5 DSE-2: Advanced Cost and Management Accounting-I
5.6 DSE-3: Indirect Taxes-I
6.1 DSC-14: Principles and Practice of Auditing
6.2 DSC-15: Business laws
6.3 SEC-4: Corporate tax planning
6.4 DSC-4: Indirect Taxes-II
6.5 DSE-5: Financial Management-II
6.6 DSE-6: Advanced Cost and Management Accounting-II


  • Prohibition of Smoking
  • Prohibition of using Mobile phone in College Campus
  • Anti-Ragging activity
  • Students Entitlement